“Snow Mageddon!”

Posted by richardhunter-rice on December 11, 2017

It will be very interesting to see what effect the latest snowfall in the UK has on business.  Will more businesses finally embrace home / remote working or will the majority of business owners enforce that everyone has to brave the elements, reduced public transport, and scary icy roads to be in the office to work their 9-5?


If more companies had an empowered approach to business and rather than micromanaging their employees – empowered them to work where ever they saw fit, productivity in the UK would soar and “blips” like the weather etc would have little to zero effect on business.

Leaders should focus more on the quality of the tasks completed and the time taken, than how many hours the employee works.

Would you prefer a team of people who can smash their tasks/projects within three days rather than five – or would you feel cheated as they “should have been at their desks for the additional two days?”

Modern productivity tools such as Evernote empower teams to work in total unison and aren’t dependent on the team to be sat in the same office. It wouldn’t matter if the team working on a project were all in different corners of the globe.  Just think how much more productive your team could be if they were all working different time zones?  Suddenly you could have 24 hours a day focus on your business…


My final thought on this and yes this comes from personal experience –

If people are managed in a certain way, then they will behave in a certain way.


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